Make the Past your Present

At Tuatha we love Ireland, and we want to share our passion for place with you. We want to help you to see the country in the way we do – as a place steeped in stories, with something special to discover around almost every corner.

Tuatha was founded by the experienced archaeologist Neil Jackman. Neil is the author of acclaimed guidebooks on Ireland’s Ancient East and the Wild Atlantic Way, as well as other publications, papers and articles.

While carrying out research for his guidebooks, Neil found that there was a lack of trustworthy and accessible sources available for the general public. And as someone interested in sustainable tourism, Neil noticed that a lot of visitors to Ireland were just visiting the big name monuments, like the Rock of Cashel or Blarney Castle, then heading straight off on the motorway again. In rushing to their next stop, they pass wonders all along the way, and miss out on some wonderful hidden gems.

Tuatha exists to bridge that gap. We want to provide an engaging, informative and practical guide and resource for people who want to really get under the skin of Ireland. We encourage slowing down and going deeper into the landscapes and stories that surround us.

“A fantastic membership offering a rich tapestry of knowledge that’s both informative and engaging. It’s a true treasure trove for anyone curious about Ireland and its many historical locations!”

Gemma, Tuatha Member.

Stay curious with our acclaimed Tuatha Talk series, bringing you the latest research and connecting you to some of the country’s most celebrated experts. Take one of our introductory courses to reignite a passion in Irish archaeology, or discover how to delve into your own family’s history with a step-by-step visual guide to starting your own genealogy research. Tuatha is an ideal way to enjoy life-long learning and to really dig into the story of Ireland.

If you’re ready to develop a deeper connection with Ireland and really get to know the old place, or if you need inspiration for a day trip, a holiday to remember, or simply want to dig a little bit deeper into the past, let Tuatha be your guide.